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NASA Images

This is a link to a load of CC images from NASA, so you can look at them because they’re amazing or do what you want with them.

If you’re band needs artwork for your self-recorded second album proper because there’s pretty much no budget you could use some of these?


Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex

This is a reading of Superman which is preoccupied with problems he’d have in having sex with a female from Earth. I’m not not sure if it serious or not as I keep hearing Jason Lee in Mallrats talking about Kryptonite condoms.

Owl Octave

The octave arranged via owl hoots, it did the rounds on the Twitter a while ago.


This is funny, finding people who openly contradict themselves on Twitter over major issues.

Long exposure shot of a lightning storm

An amazing image originally from that lot at IO9.…

Uper Goer Five

IO9 again, this whole project is pretty amazing and an interesting exercise.

Police Ambient

Seen this do the rounds a few times, it’s live police radio over the top of crowd submitted ambient music, strangely relaxing and compelling.