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A Chart of Emotions that Have No Names in the English Language

This was in a run of checking and finding interesting stuff on IO9 I guess. Title gives it away.…


Science Confessions

Can’t remember were I first saw this but a load of working/studying scientists confess via twitter to cutting the odd corner.

Irene Adler on TV

Another IO9 article, this time about how no recent version of Holmes have gotten ‘The Woman’ right.

Star Wars Reading

I can’t remeber how I found this but I’m a huge fan over reading too much into things, this is a brilliant example of this.

Robin Hood article

A really interesting article on the journey the most recent Robin Hood movie took from the page to production.…

Zappa on the music business

Frank Zappa talking about the music business. I don’t agree with everything he says or everything he’s said, or everything he did or that he should’ve even released some of the albums that he did but he did do a lot and at least he was an intelligent person giving their considered opinion.

Alan Moore

I showed up very late to the Alan Moore party but after seeing Watchman first and then reading it I was converted, it seems to me that much like Steve Albini he’s often portrayed as some curmudgeon decrying everything as wrong when in fact they just happen to have a set of beliefs and live their life obeying them, quite happily too, but that doesn’t make for a good soundbite, I think this comes across in this interview. I’ve also heard him talking on various Robin Ince vehicles and he’s very funny.